Predict the Future with Precision and Speed

Learn about PoluSim, the world’s only harmonized hub for long-term future demand planning across categories, companies, and brands

PoluSim has Every Component Critical for the Best Forecast

Economic projections

With TelluBase, the world's only forward-looking income and age distribution database

Links to Product trends

Get granularity to a brand or SKU level and explainability of demand drivers

Change any assumptions

Customize scenarios to easily adjust the assumptions and explore alternate outcomes

Implications tied to strategy

Reliable, fast, and trusted forecasts drive strategic decisions

Long-term Horizon

Plan by using short term monthly forecasts with yearly projections 10+ years into the future

Completely Unified data

Harmonized across categories, brands, regions, competitors

TelluBase coverage globally

Our TelluBase information hub in PoluSim also provides subnational economic data including customer segmentation by 42 income x age levels for all years.

How Clients Have Used PoluSim

"Leveraging PoluSim let us embark on a 10-year strategic planning process. We used PoluSim and Tellusant to align business units and the global organization on a single view of the future."
Chief Strategy officer, Global FMCG company with operations in over 40 countries
"PoluSim's forecasting techniques allowed Tellusant leaders to predict 29% growth yearly, defying consensus category forecasts of 10%. Growth has averaged 27.8% since those predictions."
VP Strategy, Food company in Asia
"We had been allocating resources based on market size rather than potential. With PoluSim, it updated resources to focus on growth and accelerated it's growth by 20% over the next 5 years."
Director of analytics, European consumer goods company

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