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Streamlining Decision Making


Tellusant® is dedicated to building scientifically based management strategy software for executives in consumer goods and other industries. Our starting point is to streamline the corporate strategic planning process.

Our work is informed by decades of experience. We build on our deep knowledge of how decisions are made during annual planning cycles, and how to create the supporting materials that are the foundation for decisions.

This knowledge is codified in TelluPlan℠ and TelluBase℠, our interlinked offerings.

Today, this is a highly manual process. Tomorrow, Tellusant will make it streamlined and cost effective based on our scalable decision platform.

Founded in 2020, we represent the next generation of big ideas.

Our focus is on management strategy software starting with strategic planning, a distinct aspect of corporate planning efforts


  • Ad hoc when need arises at corporate or divisional levels
  • High level thinking
  • 5-10 years horizon
  • Usually with external advisors
  • No automation

strategic planning

  • Annual cycle at country / business unit level
  • Fairly detailed templates
  • KPIs and financials important
  • 1-5 years horizon
  • Little automation or use of SaaS

Financial budgeting

  • Annual cycle covering all organizational units
  • Strict templates with data pull from financial systems
  • Detailed revenue, cost, and capex commitments
  • Well established process since decades back
  • Significant automation and use of SaaS

How we help


Setting responsibilities and tasks

Tracking if planning is on schedule

Before Telluplan


With Telluplan

Entire process organized on our platform


Setting guiding framework

Following best practices

Before Telluplan

Repeat previous year work or web search

With Telluplan

Robust guiding framework of strategic planning with pre-populated templates.


Understand relevant trends

External factor, category and brand, granularity

Before Telluplan

Manual and disorganized spreadsheets

With Telluplan

platform automatically completes most quantitative analysis

What is TelluPlan?


Key aspects of the strategic planning process that rely on untrained analyst support are instead available in real time and always accurate. Telluplan takes away the risks of different teams relying on different, inconsistent, and unreliable data and methods to inform decisions.


Critical yet redundant tasks in strategic planning are completed immediately. Testing what is happening, from relevant market trends to adjusting scenarios for future years, is done in the platform rather than through manual Excel files that take significant time to update.

Consistent, efficient process

Strategic planning workflows are organized and can be compared with best practices to ensure the process is complete. The platform’s recommendations for best practices build from the founders >40 years of experience helping companies in the strategic planning process.

Executive attention

With Telluplan, executives can stop worrying about whether the information they see to inform their decisions is accurate, and instead focus on how to use the information to make the best decisions.

Use Cases

Who uses the platform?

Key personnel involved in strategic plan, from managers to VP of strategy and others

What does the platform solve?

Makes the strategic planning faster, more reliable, and more robust

Frees up executive time to be spent on the most important tasks

Who would use the platform?

Executives and key personnel involved in strategy and strategic planning

What does the platform solve?

Ensures formal strategic planning is organized based on best practices and streamlined to only focus on what matters

Who would use the platform?

Key personnel at portfolio companies

What does the platform solve?

Provides portfolio companies a robust platform for developing and tracking strategic plans that they would otherwise be unable to do

Beyond these use cases for Telluplan, we also offer entry level SaaS-based products. Contact us to learn more




Dr. Staffan Canback



Co-founder and Managing Director,
Canback Consulting

Partner at McKinsey and Monitor

MBA from Harvard Business School;
DBA from Brunel U.; MSc from KTH

Philip Burgin-Young



Senior Engagement Manager,
Canback Consulting

Head of Global Marketing Committee

Account manager for firm’s largest client.

BA from Dartmouth College

Philip Bourgin-Young



Senior Engagement Manager,
Canback Consulting

BU head for Canback Global Income Distribution Database

Vice chair of Finance Commitee

MSc and BA from Boston University