Modernize the Management Strategy Process

  • Companies today have a new opportunity to modernize management strategy processes
  • This is driven by recent advances in information technology, AI, and data availability
  • Tellusant's vision is to revolutionize management strategy processes across the world

Products in the Platform​

TelluPlan defines the future of management strategy with a single solution streamlining the corporate decision process​​​

Solutions We Offer

Tellusant’s products support companies with a range of strategic issues.
We also providing consulting services with companies leveraging our products.

  • Strategic planning
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Additional strategic issues

Strategic planning

Strategic planning today is often manual, inconsistent, and too difficult to update consistently.

TelluPlan modernizes the process:​

  • Strategic planning processes and analyses are automated and can be updated on-demand
  • Plans and methods are structured to be consistent across the organization
  • Have complete interactivity and feedback with immediate impact through StrategyAI

Effective strategic planning is challenging. TelluPlan does the heavy lifting so companies can focus on the true impact of the planning process.

Commercial due diligence

The commercial due diligence process today relies on significant manual analyses and presentation development.

TelluPlan dramatically accelerates this process:

  • Automated data harmonization techniques and TelluBase simplify the information phase
  • TelluPlan automatically builds analyses for evaluating competitive position, trends, and key dynamics
  • Evaluate as-is and to-be scenarios with immediate results and insights

The platform can be used on its own or with Tellusant’s expert services through the commercial due diligence process.

Market opportunity assessments

Understanding expansion and growth opportunities is a significant undertaking.

TelluPlan streamlines the process with:

  • Quick quantification of where markets have the most potential
  • On-demand updates and changes as strategic priorities move
  • A unique understanding of comparing consumer ability to spend

The platform can be used on its own or with Tellusant’s expert services through the market opportunity assessment process.

Additional strategic issues

Tellusant, supported by our platform TelluPlan, supports in additional strategic decision-making topics including:

  • Resource allocation
  • Scenario planning
  • Revenue management
  • Elasticity calculations

The platform means we can address strategic questions faster and more effectively.

We also support product development for specific company strategic issues. Get in touch to learn more.

Who We Serve

Companies implementing internal planning and analytics into business process

  • Who would use the platform?

    Key personnel involved in strategy, from directors to executives Private equity firms supporting portfolio companies

  • What does the platform solve?

    Fastest and most effective way to start using robust analytics and processes in management strategy

Companies improving effectiveness, speed, and accuracy of planning

  • Who would use the platform?

    Executives and key personnel involved in strategy and strategic planning

  • What does the platform solve?

    Ensures formal strategic planning is organized based on best practices and streamlined to only focus on what matters

Companies optimizing lengthy strategic planning

  • Who would use the platform?

    Subset of teams tasked with strategic planning.

  • What does the platform solve?

    Makes the strategic planning faster, more reliable, and more robust Frees up executive time to be spent on the most important tasks

Tellusant's Edge


Strategic solutions delivered


Where we have on-the-ground work expertise


Of the 20 largest consumer goods companies trust our team

“PACE and TelluSim are for sure something companies need”

“We have internalized and routinized our global strategic planning process with Tellusant as the partner”

“A brilliant way to see the implications of pricing decisions on profitability in a scientific and mathematical fashion”

“There is nothing on the planet that can deliver critical insights on demand in the way TelluPlan does”

“95% of the time we were doing things we already knew. With TelluPlan, we can free up space to think about what we want to do”

“TelluPlan lets us improve accuracy by centralizing how we do analysis while giving local areas the ability to see what we are doing”

“PACE provides insights and information I have never seen before”

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Our strategic planning platform TelluPlan is based on a robust analytical framework called EMIO (Environment—Market—Initiatives—Outcome).

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Tellusant often works with beverage companies covering categories from bottled water to beer. A fundamental metric to quantify when analyzing market growth is how much water the human body needs. We have therefore developed the Tellusant Water Intake Calculator.

The Triple-A Method for Market Sizing January 16, 2023

Quantifying market opportunities requires clear definitions that are the same between and within countries. The Addressable – Available – Actual market sizing method provides this.