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A major US fast-moving consumer goods company had a business in Latin America that was growing high-single digits per year, but was far from reaching the scale to impact its overall business.

Tellusant worked with executives to identify adjacent categories with untapped potential that could more than triple growth over the next 10 years.


A top global consumer goods company needed to understand how a new category it entered was going to develop.

Tellusant, along with use of its PACE App, built a comprehensive understanding of category drivers so that the company could create its first strategic plan within the category.


Tellusant supported a multi-national commercial due diligence effort in cooperation with other strategic, investment, and legal advisors.

Tellusant, with use of its PoluSim App, provided strategic guidance on future trends and implications for the attractiveness of the target. Its work added robust understanding and scenarios necessary for financial expectations from investment bankers.

We Leverage Leading-Edge Methods and Products

We use our EMIO framework, which has been refined from decades of work, to provide a comprehensive view needed for effective strategy


You can read more about the thinking behind it here.


We also Leverage our Products and Information in Every Effort

  • TelluBase
  • PoluSim
  • PACE

TelluBase is the external information hub every company and organization needs. It is the only database in world that breaks down consumer groups by income and age level across countries, subnational divisions, cities, and years.

This unique database allows you to understand and quantify market opportunities at a granular level beyond what is possible today.

For example, you can see the size of middle class consumers in Delhi, India in 2040 vs Paris, France in 2010 vs Bogota, Colombia today with just a few clicks. You can experience the growth of affluent consumers over the next 10 years in countries from Viet Nam to Ethiopia to Poland.

With TelluBase your perspective on the world will change forever. It is truly the world as no one has seen it before.

TelluBase was developed from more than 30 years of effort to build the complexity for this revolutionary information.

To create your strategy and allocate resources, you need a clear view of the future with the flexibility for changing scenarios. It must include:

1) economic projections

2) links to product and competitive trends

3) implications when changing prices, marketing, and distribution

4) unified data across categories, players, and products

5) the ability to clearly link forecast implications to actions and strategies

In the past this was a monthslong process. PoluSim is a one-stop app to make this process fast, accurate, and repeatable.

It builds on a foundation in microeconomics applied within in computational framework infused with decades of experience of Tellusant’s leaders.

With PoluSim, explore the future with confidence in any location.

Underpinning PoluSim is our proprietary information hub, TelluBase.

While it is often easy to understand how big a market is, it is much harder to find out how big it can be.

PACE finds out quantitatively what your latent demand is, both across and within markets.

Suddenly you can start discussing how to compete in a market rather than just about market share.

PACE does this by letting you see how many consumers qualify for your product given their level of income, change price assumptions, and map out a comprehensive portfolio.

Underpinning PoluSim is our proprietary information hub, TelluBase.


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