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Introducing PACE—Pricing Aligned with Consumer Economics February 14, 2023

Do you know who, where, and when your consumers are buying your products? Globally? By city? In 2027?

Tellusant’s Strategy Development Framework January 24, 2023

Our strategic planning platform TelluPlan is based on a robust analytical framework called EMIO (Environment—Market—Initiatives—Outcome).

Introducing Tellusant’s Water Intake Calculator January 23, 2023

Tellusant often works with beverage companies covering categories from bottled water to beer. A fundamental metric to quantify when analyzing market growth is how much water the human body needs. We have therefore developed the Tellusant Water Intake Calculator.

The Triple-A Method for Market Sizing January 16, 2023

Quantifying market opportunities requires clear definitions that are the same between and within countries. The Addressable – Available – Actual market sizing method provides this.

Tellusant Product Architecture January 10, 2023

What makes Tellusant’s products unique? Our competitive advantage comes from integrating several capabilities. We are not a company building BI software. Nor do we sell data. We provide strategic solutions.

TelluBase Geographic Coverage December 17, 2022

See a map of the 2,600 cities and 2,500 subdivisions Tellusant covers. The map uses the Canback Map Projection©, moving continents and countries to make best use of screen space.

The Dearth of Productivity at Large Management Consulting Firms November 21, 2022

There is a sad state of affairs at the large management consulting firms — MBB¹. Not the quality of deliverables. The lack of productivity is the issue.

Introducing PACE November 20, 2022

We are rolling out our latest product over the next weeks and months. This is an advance notice describing some of the use-cases.

Creating Robust Long-Term Forecasts November 14, 2022

This short document describes how sophisticated and careful our long-term predictive models are and allows readers to glean under the hood.