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Tellusant’s Universal Profit Equation (TUPE) March 21, 2024

The most important decisions in times of high inflation are pricing related. Here we describe methods for how companies should optimize pricing…

Consumer Impact of Pricing February 1, 2024

How has consumer demand been impacted by price increases? Have those price increases been above inflation? Read our latest white paper which removes the haziness.

Introducing ‘Tellusant Public Service Series’ January 17, 2024

We have started providing free TelluBase data to select public data sources.These are small, but important, subsets of the full product.

A Quick Tour of TelluBase January 8, 2024

Do you know who, where, and when your consumers are buying your products? Globally? By city? In 2027?

The Triple-A Method for Market Sizing December 16, 2023

Quantifying market opportunities requires clear definitions that are the same between and within countries. The Addressable – Available – Actual market sizing method provides this.

Creating Robust Long-Term Forecasts August 4, 2023

This short document describes how sophisticated and careful our long-term predictive models are and allows readers to glean under the hood.

TelluBase Geographic Coverage August 1, 2023

See a map of the 2,600 cities and 2,500 subdivisions Tellusant covers. The map uses the Canback Map Projection©, moving continents and countries to make best use of screen space.

Middle Class Evolution 2000-2040 February 24, 2023

This video shows how the global middle class evolves from 2000 till 2040. It is based on our TelluBase dataset.

Tellusant’s Strategy Development Framework January 24, 2023

Our strategic planning platform TelluPlan is based on a robust analytical framework called EMIO (Environment—Market—Initiatives—Outcome).

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