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Tellusant Etymology August 3, 2022

What is the etymology of Tellusant? It derives from Tellus and Quantitative…

Where in the World is the Market? August 2, 2022

Sizing and predicting global consumer goods markets is difficult. This academic article in Problems and Perspectives in Management by Tellusant’s chairman gives the theoretical underpinning for how our products solve the problem. 10 pages.

The Gastown Steam Clock—A Metaphor for Innovation July 29, 2022

The Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver is the perfect metaphor for innovation in business. The steam clock is a major innovation, the kind that companies only can dream of. Nothing like it existed before.

What to Do When Inflation Hits — CEO Actions (5/5) July 28, 2022

Key personnel involved in strategy, from directors to executives Private equity firms supporting portfolio companies…

Pricing During Inflationary Times (4/5) July 21, 2022

The most important decisions in times of high inflation are pricing related. Here we describe methods for how companies should optimize pricing…

Impact of Inflation on Industry Demand (3/5) July 14, 2022

Should executives make adjustments based on the currently high inflation levels. It seems obvious that the answer is yes…

What Drives Current Inflation? (2/5) June 25, 2022

Inflation is the economic topic of our times. It is to a large extend driven by the Federal Reserve’s and other central banks’ monetary policies. What causes this inflation?

Characteristics of Inflation (1/5) June 16, 2022

In part 1 of our five-part series on inflation, we review how inflation is measured in a consumer price index, how it differs between countries, and the current level of inflation…

Global Economic Growth 2022-2027 April 24, 2022

See the current economic growth expectations in a Sway presentation. Based on April 2022 forecasts.