Tellusant’s Vision

Tellusant builds on the idea from our co-founder Dr. Staffan Canback that managerial processes can be improved through automatization and algorithms​. This is an illustration of the thought process.

Beginning with a conceptual framework

Corporate performance is determined by four drivers​

Then quantified in a complex path diagram

A structural equation model shows how strategic and structural corporate decisions relate to and impact performance​

Translated into matrix equations

A set of matrix equations in LISREL notation generalizes the statistical model

And finally summarized in master equations

The starting conceptual framework is now expressed in 3 simple matrix equations and 3 supporting matrices. These can be implemented in, e.g, a cloud-based database that quantifies the conceptual framework for any company.

Staffan’s work showed that the most effective scalable companies should think and optimize performance through algorithms. Tellusant builds on this idea to truly optimize corporate decisions​

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