1 – Identify

In the identification phase, we will hear your current challenges and share a demo of how our platform and/or services can support. There is no cost or obligation in this phase.

2 – Plan

In the planning phase, we will put together a detailed plan for the product and/or projects. We recommend this process includes joint sessions. At the conclusion, we provide a complete plan.

This phase can be:
As short as 1 week long depending on complexity.

3 – Implement

In the implementation phase, we work through the product and project plan. This involves a series of checkpoints to see progress and align on any needed changes.

This phase takes:
1-3 months depending on complexity.

4 – Realize

In the realization phase, we continuously work closely with you to realize the benefits. We have a 5-stage implementation plan to ensure the product is used effectively. In addition, we offer expert advise sessions.

This phase is:
ongoing throughout product use.
If you are looking for a more customized solution, get in touch and we can let you know if we are a good fit

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