Key features

Unique consumer identification tools

Know how much effort it takes consumers to buy your products versus comparable markets

By consumer affordability level for any product, test and compare how various input prices affect the sizes and consumption habits of different affordability groups

Past and future trends for key context information. Globally harmonized
Setup in minutes

Just provide market data and pricing information to immediately start to see results

New data from TelluBase, methods, charts, and interactivity added during subscription. As new data comes from company, it is incorporated quickly into the product

The PACE App provides all approved users within a company access to the exact same, reliable datasets and visualizations from anywhere in the world. User permissions designed to allow company to set as many users as desired to have access

Product can be white labeled to be used as a component in other products and platforms
Easy to use platform

Explore pre-built and customizable charts and visualizations with high relevance to strategic decision making. All charts included in the PACE App provide the easiest way to show, compare and understand consumer information

Filter flexibility to present all relevant cuts of information, and visuals designed based on the topics presented

Download any charts, all data accessible and exportable

Tap into the knowledge base of Tellusant’s highly experienced team as needed to ensure your organization gets the most out of the PACE App


A Brief Intro of the PACE App

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