TelluPlan’s suite of products provides instant strategic plans​

  • TelluPlan
  • Tellusant Consulting​

Tellusant Consulting​​

Tellusant’s leaders are experts in commercial due diligence. We can support a range of functions:

  • Implement TelluPlan to provide instant insights on a due diligence prospect and hub for demand planning
  • Commercial due diligence leads: Tellusant’s experts run the commercial due diligence process, with analytical support from TelluPlan​​

How to get started

We recommend 3 options for getting started:

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Case Study in Commercial Due Diligence​

Case study:​

Customer using TelluPlan to understand acquisition target in unknown markets​​ ​​

How TelluPlan is used:​​​​

Data was rapidly collected and combined into TelluBase. This data supported all due diligence teams​

TelluSim and PACE products provided rapid insights that gave an overview of multiple markets to identify opportunities​

Initial target scan was completed in 3 days rather than a multi-week process

TelluPlan gave quick insights on an acquisition with 3 key types of support:​ ​
Single source of truth​

Data combined and managed through TelluBase across all levels of granularity.​

All due diligence teams could leverage this information

Clearly codified methods

TelluSim has been tried and tested with commercial due diligence. The best methods are applied immediately

No lags​

As new information comes, changes and updates are made instantaneously​

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