TelluPlan’s suite of products provides instant strategic plans​

  • TelluPlan
  • Tellusant Consulting​

Tellusant Consulting​​

Tellusant’s leaders are experts know how to work with companies to identify and prioritize new opportunities. We can help with:

  • Using TelluPlan to support market opportunity identification​
  • On the ground research, with a structured methodology and experience working on location in over 80 countries​ ​
  • Expert advise for prioritization methods and frameworks​ ​

How to get started

We recommend 3 options for getting started:

Ask for a demo

Ask for a demo to learn how TelluPlan works and can help​

Let us review

Let us review your strategic materials and we suggest an approach after we have signed an NDA​

Contact us

Contact us to see if TelluPlan can address a specific challenge you’re facing​​

Review our page about how we work with you for more details on the process​

Case Study in Market Opportunity Assessments​

Case study:​

Customer using TelluSim and PACE to stay on top of unknown market opportunities​​ ​​

How TelluPlan is used:​​​​

Data is consistently updated in TelluBase​

TelluSim and PACE products provide rapid insights that give an overview of multiple markets to identify opportunities​

After initial setup time of under 2 months, updates are repeated without significant intervention dramatically reducing planning costs​​

TelluPlan gives updating insights on where opportunities exist:​
A trusted source of truth​

Data combined and managed through TelluBase across all levels of granularity.​

Have confidence in knowing what opportunities deserve a second look.​

Delivered trustworthy

TelluSim and PACE allow for robust statistical comparisons of opportunities

Updates without the

As new information comes, changes and updates are made instantaneously​

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