TelluPlan’s suite of products provides instant strategic plans​

  • TelluPlan
  • Tellusant Consulting​

Tellusant Consulting​​

Tellusant’s experts can work with you on strategic planning. This includes:

  • TelluPlan implementation: incorporate TelluPlan tools and processes to help automate strategic planning​
  • One-time strategic plan development. Leveraging TelluPlan, Tellusant rapidly provides support​
  • Strategic planning process improvement: Tellusant audits and recommends updates to process

How to get started

We recommend 3 options for getting started:

Ask for a demo

Ask for a demo to learn how TelluPlan works and can help​

Let us review

Let us review your strategic materials and we suggest an approach after we have signed an NDA

Contact us

Contact us to see if TelluPlan can address a specific challenge you’re facing​​

Review our page about how we work with you for more details on the process​

Case Study in Strategic Planning​​

Case study:​

Global customer using TelluSim in strategic planning​​ ​​

How TelluSim is used:​​​​

TelluSim is the single source of strategic planning analytics collaboration with all teams​

Analytics completed 75% faster​

TelluSim successfully improved the strategic planning process in 3 key ways:​ ​
Democratized data and methods​

All users have complete access to data. Methods and reasons to believe provided at every level

Delivered trustworthy methods​

TelluSim performance back-tested. Tellusant provides expert support

Removed lags in process​

If assumptions or forecasts change, changes are made instantaneously in meetings

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